2015 • Announcement

As a direct result of the Instagram post mentioned below, and a few other events I won't go into at this moment...Quitting Heaven will be completing our unreleased album entitled Relic with a scheduled release sometime in 2015.
1.  Freak
2.  God Would Never
3.  As The Candle Burns Black
4.  These 4 Walls
5.  I Am NoOne
6.  The 12th of Never
7.  Pictures in Glass
  8.  My Religion
  9.  All the King's Horses
10.  I Am the Beast
11.  All That I Need
12.  Fallen
13.  Relic
Quitting Heaven's album Colorless is presented here, in a story telling format, free for your enjoyment.  My name is Mark Witten and I am the writer, musician, vocalist and producer behind Quitting Heaven.

Colorless is a fantasy version of a true story.  I call the main character...Christy.  The real "Christy" was a very good friend of mine who fell into addiction and whose world slowly fell into pieces.


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XII • FREE Download

XII is a compilation of demo tracks created when Quitting Heaven first began and then released as our first album.  Compared to Colorless, XII is a very evil album without regard to taste, political correctness or religion.
1.  Baby Killer
2.  Halloween
3.  Skeleton Kiss
4.  Quitting Heaven
5.  Spit
6.  Reborn
  7.  Idol Mechanical
  8.  Under this Moon
  9.  My Bloody Stripper
10.  Scream for Me
11.  Everyone Needs
12.  I Wish I Could Die
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In November of 2014, I was sent a copy of this Instagram post from a 13 year old girl in Finland.  After some Google searching, I found her name and ended up chatting with her.

In her Instagram post
(image to the left), she called our album "Literally Perfection".  Now...I have always stated to band mates and others that there are seven billion people in the world and out of those seven billion people, there must be one that will think your band is the greatest. THAT is the person you are playing to!  To some level...this girl is that person for Quitting Heaven.

She made my day!  After chatting with her, I emailed her an unreleased album from Quitting Heaven titled Relic.  We never finished the vocals so this album is instrumental only...but awesome.
RELIC Coming in 2015!
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